Ottawa Valley expressions

“Talking through your hat” “Keep your fork” Some of the expressions you heard growing up in the Ottawa Valley region. If they bring back memories, you might enjoy the page of phrases that are too good to be lost to history. “Gotta go, my beans are burning” Ottawa Valley Expressions

Great War Death Toll Underestimated By 1 Million?

The statistics for the Allied Powers of the Great War, now often called World War I, from 1914-1918, are staggering: Military dead: 5,525,000 Military wounded: 12,831,500 Military missing: 4,121,000 Total: 22,477,500┬áKIA, WIA or MIA Canada’s share was overwhelming: military dead (64,976) as a percentage of Canada’s 1914 population of 7.2 million was 1%, with and […]

Mystery solved? James Doyle’s wife Ellen …

Who exactly was James Doyle’s wife ? Well, we do have a nice picture of Ellen with James, but what has been baffling for a while now was .. what was her family name? One cousin’s handwritten sketch of the family seems to spell her name Kilbee. And there were Kilbys in the Ottawa area. […]