“Lost” Irish Census Records Online

The explosion and fire at the Public Record Office at Dublin’s Four Courts during the Irish Civil War wiped out hundreds of years of records going back as far as medieval times, including most of the census records from 1821 forward thirty years. Who perpetrated the incident on the afternoon of June 30, 1922? No […]

Tracking Voyageurs Ancestors

Tracking voyageurs ancestors can be a challenge. My Cadieux ancestors settled in the late 1800s along the Ottawa River in the villages of the Pontiac QC area. The census returns made it clear that they were voyageurs — fur traders. While it was fascinating to discover they were part of that most interesting history of the […]

Almonte Gazette searchable online

Thanks to John D. Reid from his blog Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections for the update that the Almonte Gazette in available now online for the years 1861-1989. This thanks to cooperation between the  Mississippi Valley Textile Museum which organized the digitization/indexing and the Almonte Public Library which had previously imaged the town’s newspaper. Like many local […]