Webinar: Bank Records in Family History

Historical bank records are an overlooked resource for family history .. Had you ever thought of consulting them?

These records can provide a lot of information: an ancestor’s residence, occupation, family relationships, and even immigrant origins. And you didn’t have to be rich to have had a bank account!

Savings banks (and mutual aid societies — predecessors of credit unions) were established with the average individual in mind.

In this free October 15 webinar from American Ancestors website, Genealogist Eileen Pironti will present a brief history of savings banks in the United States, how to locate these records, and types of information provided.

You can register on this webpage ..

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*Free!* Family Tree Software for your Computer

There are many online-only pay family tree websites available .. but what if you’d rather have a program just on your computer? And good and free is important?

There are a number of free options out there. One of the interesting new ones is the Gramps Project .. a software intuitive to ‘hobbyists’ but with features professional genealogists would want .. and the software is *free* to download ..

MyHeritage also offers a sophisticated family tree software that resides on your computer .. you can learn more about it here

RootsMagic makes a very interactive software than can connect with your online tree at ancestry or FamilySearch .. it has a large price too ..

but if you like *free!* (as I do!), RootsMagic also has its free Essentials software .. you can check it out here ..

TreeView software has an online site .. but also has several on-your-computer-only versions .. there is a free trial of the full software, which after 30days becomes TreeViewLite .. the software also has a phone app that keeps your tree as close as your phone .. compare TreeView to other softwares here .. then click the Free Trial tab to download the software which will become the lite version in 30days ..