George Milton Young and Lila Cadieux Young

My grandmother’s sister, Lila, married George Milton Young in 1911. I heard the stories of their traveling out West to homestead. And I remember, sometime in my growing up, that we received a newspaper clipping of their Wedding Anniversary celebration (50th in 1961? 60th in 1971? Not sure.) Photo: Horses outside Grande Prairie, Alberta, ca. […]

Those O’Connor Boys!

Fergus Vincent O’Connor (1890-1915) married Harriet Ann (Hattie) Dolan (1889-1923). Joseph Emmett O’Connor (1889-1964) married Agnes Sevina Dolan (1890-1973 ). Daniel Patrick O’Connor (1881-1965, pictured left) married Gertrude Pearl Dolan (1894-1978). Fergus, Emmett and Daniel were brothers — all farmers in the area of Osgoode. Hattie, Agnes and Pearl were all farmers’ daughters in the […]

The Picture Up Top

Amongst her photos was this picture, which my mother had written on the back, “This is my favorite picture of Mom and Dad. This is how I like to remember them.” Maynard McEwan (far right) was home in Ottawa for a visit, with young daughter Elaine. Happy parents and grandparents Wesley McEwan (far left) and […]