Genealogy Outing … Visiting Cemeteries And Helping Other Family History Researchers!

Daniel Horowitz writes in his MyHeritage blog: “I believe that visiting a local cemetery could make a perfect family outing for the COVID-19 era. It’s all outdoors, it’s peaceful, there are no crowds, and you are guaranteed a six-foot social distance from all the people you are visiting! If your own ancestors are buried there, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about them and introduce their gravesites to your children. If not, it can still be fascinating to learn more about local history. And if you decide to document some of the stones, it would be an act of community service — providing descendants who live far away with access to priceless information about their ancestors.”

If you’ve never thought of making your visit a boon to other family history folks, consider helping to document the cemetery you visit ..

It’s as simple as putting the BillionGraves app on your phone, (*free*) .. and photographing and labeling perhaps a row (or section) of the cemetery while you’re there .. it’s something older kids can easily do, too.