10 years of Ottawa Family Tree

Time flies by! .. It’s 10 years since Ottawa Family Tree online at this website started .. and then our annual (at least pre-COVID!) family reunion ..

Plans for the future: when the border re-opens (probably early 2022) we’ll work on getting a reunion scheduled ..

But til then, we’re working on a video reunion for Fall 2021 ..

We will keep in touch via our occasional newsletter .. so if you haven’t subscribed, please do!

Have you tried Google Search’s Book feature?

A generic search for “genealogy” brings up lots of material .. but take a look at the tabs by which you can bore down into specific areas ..

When you click on the Books tab (if it’s not visible just click ‘More’ to find it) .. just with this generic search I found 2 books of specific family name genealogies that are free to look at and learn from ..

The tabs on the search results can be really helpful ..

Think of searching general terms like ‘genealogy’ or ‘family history’ and adding a family name from your tree ..

Among those tabs .. click on ‘books’ .. or click on ‘images’ ..

Try narrowing the search by adding a country before the family name, such as ..

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