Things you might not know about Google search

  1. To stop having to press “Next Page” by increasing the number of results, click Settings under the search bar on your first page of results. You’ll go to a page where you can adjust how many results you see. (The larger the number, the slower it will seem Google is working! But if you’ve got lots to check through— it sure helps with the page flipping)
  2. Fewer and better results can be had by adding quotation marks around the words you want to search like this: “McEwan, Gloucester ON”
  3. You probably are familiar with the additional tabs that refine your results page — Images, Videos etc. Always check them out! — I found a tombstone in Scotland simply by checking there ! But there’s even more … if you don’t see “Books” in those tabs, click the item “More” to search books. A helpful way to get books online in pdf format — especially those no longer in print.
  4. Did you find a census or birth or marriage record in another language with phrases you don’t recognize? Google is fluent in pretty much every language you’ll encounter. Type into the search bar: translate add your phrase into English
  5. You’ve landed on a helpful webpage in your search. It doesn’t have a search bar for the website. How to mine the genealogy gold there might be on other pages in that site? Google can help with that! In the search bar type search: then add your search words

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