Sharing pix .. but just for your close family

Social media can be great for reaching a large audience .. especially useful in family history research. A friend explained that setting up a Facebook account ended up putting her in touch with long lost cousins ..

But what if there are family pictures you’d just like to share with a more tight-knit group — whether that be family, or some friends ..?

Here are a few platforms/ways to do it:

Cocoon is an app that looks like a message app, but actually combines the features of texting, social media, and archive into one .. you can read about features and pricing ..

Family Album app is rich in features and focuses on the privacy concerns of photo sharing .. discover the details ..

23 Snaps is an alternative for sharing with others who may only be comfortable using email, and not apps and websites. Photos can be shared with others who don’t have an account, via email .. features and details ..

— A *free* family Google account gives you free space on GoogleDrive.. you can then share a link via email to photos you put in the cloud ..

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