Report on the 2011 November Reunion

Well, look what I found among my drafts for posts … Haha .. Never managed to post it! But as with most things genealogy .. “Better late than never!” Our reunion was a great success! With all that has been going on since, I haven’t had a chance to talk about the day. It was […]

The Value of Obituaries

Sometimes, when you’re wondering where that ancestor disappeared, an obituary will provide the answer. But not their obituary! Relatives doing family history have asked why I have spent time researching branches of the family tree that are not my direct ancestors. The answer is a bit convoluted .. just like the route to finding my […]

Enjoyable Family RĂ©union

We had a great get together again this year! A big “Thank You” to everyone who took part. Once again we discovered new connections. Last year Emmett O’Connor’s daughter Marion joined us. She was back with us this year. And we were joined by Ambrose O’Connor’s daughter Mary, age 91. Oren Frood’s great grandson Jonathan […]