Ancestry, FamilyTreeMaker and RootsMagic

10,000 people can’t be wrong! Or so has decided.

While this post isn’t revealing anything new .. Ancestry announced that it sold FamilyTreeMaker at least a month ago. But the big news in that announcement was that both FamilyTreeMaker and RootsMagic will have the ability to sync with the online Ancestry trees users have created. That functionality is to come online by the end of 2016.

I’m glad that Ancestry listened to subscribers. It was a poor decision that they have now somewhat ameliorated.

And thanks to it, I have begun exploring the bigger world of online subscriptions to resources. My first decision was to say goodbye to FamilyTreeMaker. I’ve switched to RootsMagic7 and am looking forward to the sync function being available.

But I’ve also decided to end my annual subscription to

I’ve already begun trying I will give them a shot for awhile, with the plan to subscribe to online family history record sites for no more than a year at a time. I will likely use Ancestry again, but for a few months only. Previously I had saved all year to be able to afford a World Membership with Ancestry. But their decision opened my eyes to a new approach, which I had never thought of before — because of my loyalty to and tie-in with my computer based tree.

It should be a fun adventure!

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