Historic Westmeath Township

If you have branches of your family tree in the Upper Ottawa River Valley area, you’ll want to stop by the Historic Westmeath Township Project website.


It is a rich source of information on a number of families of the historic Ottawa Valley — check the Family Registry section — and the lumber companies of that area, among many other bits of useful information.

That’s how I came upon the site: Tracking my great grandfather, I found a brief notice in the Ottawa Journal that because of a serious leg wound, he returned home from his job as slide master with the Upper Ottawa Improvement Company. In my search for information on the company I stumbled upon the HWT Project.

One thought on “Historic Westmeath Township

  1. Good Morning;
    Let me introduce myself – I am the writer, and of course the researcher, of the HWTProject.ca website. How very nice of you to promote my site with your kind words.
    It has been a very successful undertaking and remains rather unique because there is not another comprehensive digital history website on the Upper Ottawa Valley area.
    Nowadays, we don’t trek to libraries and books for our history,(or any other information for that matter), we turn to our devices.
    If at any time you come upon further information that you think I could include on the HWTProject website, I encourage you to submit it.
    Thanks for your help,
    Gayle McBride Stewart

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